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ABOUT KILIMOKUTHOPPU A Name Thousands of Family Vouch… Manju Foundations Private Limited -a name synonyms to trust & best business practices – is proud to launch Its 199th Project: KILIMOOKUTHOPPU,We makes your childhood dream of owning a Thoppu come true!!! Presenting KILIMOKKU THOPPU.A 60-ground project where each 1-Ground Thoppu comes to you with many fully-grown fruit-yielding mango trees.Situated very close to Tiruvalur, the land comes to you with proper DTCP approval for you to build your dream home anytime. Come.Visit your Thoppu with your family!! Infinite Happiness TODAY & for EVER Adding Value to Your Quality of Life….  Live where the connection between you and natural environment is strengthened naturally. A place that allows you to grow and grows on you. Where your love for nature multiplies with every passing day. where you and your family can start living healthier and where freedom is an expression of joy. Kilimooku Thoppu an exquisitely crafted farmhouse awaits you with a green and clean location.

  • Status Completed Projects
  • Type Landing Projects



Manju Groups brings to you the Building Revolution. It all started with realistic appraisal of
your living needs.

Surveillance System

Children's play area

24x7 Security

Landscape Garden

Firefighting System

AC Community Hall

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center

Banking Partners

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We employ a meticulous process of market analysis, feasibility studies, and due diligence to identify promising land investment opportunities. We consider factors such as location, zoning regulations, development potential, infrastructure availability, and market demand to ensure each investment has strong growth potential.

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