Terms and Conditions

  • The intending Allotee/s was fully satisfied himself/herself with the title/development rights of the Promoter/Developers (hereinafter referred to as Company) in the Project land on which the Plot/Flat/Villa/Farm Land/Villa (hereinafter referred to as Unit) will be Constructed/developed and has understood vital information and obligation of the Company in respect thereof.
  • The Allottee / Property owner hereby agrees that project and individual
    development shall be done by Company only. He/She shall strictly abide by all laws, notifications, rules and regulations applicable to the allotted unit in the project.
  • This Allotment Agreement Form is equivalent to the Sale Agreement of the allotted unit and forms a part of legal documents that can be produced before the Competent Legal Authority.
  • Dimensions and technical details stated in the accompanying Brochure/literature are approximate and subject to changes without prior notice.
  • The paid membership fee cannot be repaid but can be redeemed upon purchase of a unit in any other projects within 3 months’ time from signing this agreement.
  • The paid membership fee cannot be repaid but can be redeemed upon purchase of a unit in any other projects within 3 months’ time from signing this agreement.
  • The Allotee/s can swap allotment within 7 days after making the 2nd payment (excluding membership fee) and a property for the equivalent paid amount shall be allotted within available projects.
  • If the Allottee fails to follow the payment schedule, he/she is hereby required topay 10% of the unit cost towards loss/ damages immediately failing which we are constrained to initiate appropriate legal action against you.
  • The allotment will be on a first come first serve basis and allotment/cancellation strictly adheres to the payment schedules. In case of any default/delay by Allotee/s in paying consideration deviation agreed payment schedule then 2% penal charges shall be levied & Promotional offers and discounts shall be cancelled or revoked. If any gifts or articles are offered to the Allottee/s, which cost or its value shall be deducted.
  • For Customers pursuing Loan facility from Banks / Financial Institutions, kindly ensure to adhere to payment schedules and if not your allotment of products are subjected to change / cancellation, also promotional offers/discounts shall be cancelled.
  • As per our company policy if any cancellation is processed 10% of the total unit cost will be forfeited as liquidated damages
  • Actual property maintenance/development charges shall be intimated only after registering the Units / Properties which shall be paid on the day of Registration itself. Periodical compulsory maintenance charges shall be paid in advance on a half-yearly/Annual basis method.
  • Non-payment delay in remittance of compulsory maintenance charges is
    irreparable and the said owner is liable to pay all costs and damages incurred by the community. Such default may lead to natural & environmental damage also.
  • The Allotee/s Owner is well aware and understood by the developer/Company who shall plant trees within his/her property and this is obviously decided by the owner that any yield from Plant’s/Tree’s harvest shall be sold to the developer itself for marginal cost.
  • The Allottee/s shall be liable to pay any new/additional taxes like GST, Cess or any other taxes, charges as and when demanded by the Government or statutory Authorities in respect of the allotted Unit.
  • The stamp duty, registration charges, Registration appointment charges and other incidental expenses towards Registration of Allotted Unit, shall be payable by the intending Allottee/s including any revision in charges from time to time by the Registering Authority.
  • In case of any grievance or complaints, the Allottee/s shall agree to approach the grievance cell of the promoter/developer. The complaint should be given in writing to the cell at crm@manjugroups.in & mobile no. 73050 60470 and shall be addressed in 15 working days.
  • Any dispute arising in respect of the above contract shall be referred to the arbitrator. The arbitrator is appointed by the company/promoter & any proceedings to be initiated in any court of law in pursuance of this arbitration shall be instituted and held in the court at Chennai only.