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Nature is the only true shelter … live where the connection between you and natural environment is strengthened naturally. A place that allows you to grow and grows on you. Where your love for nature multiplies with every passing day. where you and your family can start living healthier and where freedom is an expression of joy. CHANDA FARMS an exquisitely crafted farmhouse awaits you with a green and clean location. It is your piece of Eden on National Highway – 66. Teeming groves of trees greet you in a stunning enclave set right next to Puducherry.

  • Status Completed Projects
  • Type Housing Projects



Manju Groups brings to you the Building Revolution. It all started with realistic appraisal of
your living needs.

Surveillance System

Children's play area

24x7 Security

Landscape Garden

Firefighting System

AC Community Hall

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center

Banking Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in land requires careful consideration of factors such as location, zoning regulations, potential for development, access to utilities, environmental considerations, and long-term appreciation potential. Our team can help you assess these factors to make informed investment decisions.

Maximizing the value of undeveloped land involves strategies such as conducting feasibility studies to identify potential uses, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, improving access and infrastructure, enhancing natural features, and leveraging market trends and demand. Our expertise in land development can guide you through this process.

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