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      Things you should know before purchasing Property/Plot in Chennai

      Things you should know before purchasing Property/Plot in Chennai:

      Things you should know before purchasing Property/Plot in Chennai

      Chennai, with a thriving economy and a rich cultural legacy, is one of India’s most populous and fastest-growing cities. The city provides a wide range of options for employment, leisure, education, and lifestyle. Having a plot of property with CMDA and DTCP approval in Chennai, whether for business or residential use, is a dream for many individuals. Purchasing land in Chennai is not an easy undertaking, though, since there are numerous considerations and obstacles to be overcome. We’ll go over some of the key things to consider in this blog post before buying land in Chennai. 


      The most important thing to take into account before purchasing land in Chennai is the location of the property. The land’s worth, accessibility, connectivity, and suitability for your intended use are all determined by its location. You ought to do extensive study on the subject and verify the following details.


      Basic utilities including water, electricity, sewage, roads, and public transportation should be accessible from the land. Additionally, you want to assess the quality and accessibility of the local social infrastructure, including the banks, marketplaces, hospitals, and schools. 


      The property ought to be situated in a region with room to grow and flourish in the future. In addition to looking through the local zoning laws and master plan, you should also inquire about any planned projects or plans that might have an impact on the land’s utility and worth. Also, you want to stay away from purchasing land in regions that are vulnerable to pollution, flooding, waterlogging, or encroachment. 

      Supply and demand: 

      The location of the land should be in a region with strong demand and limited supply of land, since this suggests a strong potential for appreciation and a decent rate of return on investment. To determine whether the land is worth the price, you should also look at the costs of nearby comparable properties.


      The second most crucial thing to think about when purchasing land in Chennai is its legal status. There should be no encumbrances, legal issues, or ambiguities in the land’s ownership. Before purchasing the land, you ought to confirm the following records and paperwork. 

      Sale agreement: 

      The primary document that gives the buyer possession of the land and transfers it from the seller is the sale deed. The information on the land, the parties, the consideration, and the payment method should all be included. Additionally, it needs to be stamped with the relevant stamp duty and registered with the sub-registrar’s office.


      A revenue record known as a patta attests to the land’s title and possession. It should include the land’s extent, classification, and survey number. The name and address of the current owner should also be changed.

      Certificate of encumbrance: 

      The document known as the encumbrance certificate demonstrates the history of charges and transactions on the property over a predetermined time frame. It should be acquired from the sub-registrar’s office and attest to the fact that there are no liens, mortgages, or other claims against the land. 

      Approval of layout: 

      The layout permission is proof that the appropriate authority has given the go-ahead for the land’s subdivision and development. The road width, site size, layout plan, and facilities should all be included. It should also be compliant with the local zoning laws and master plan. 

      When purchasing land in Chennai, there are a few other things to take into account in addition to the location and legal requirements.


      You must be clear about your goals and the reasons behind your desire to purchase land in Chennai. Additionally, you should confirm that the land satisfies all applicable laws and regulations and is appropriate for your intended use. 

      Spending limit: 

      When purchasing land in Chennai, you should set a reasonable budget and adhere to it. The additional expenses for things like maintenance, taxes, brokerage, stamp duty, and registration should also be taken into account. Additionally, you want to investigate your financing possibilities and contrast the conditions and interest rates offered by several lenders.

      Professional guidance: 

      A qualified real estate agent, attorney, or consultant should be consulted before purchasing land in Chennai. They can assist you in locating the best offers, settling on terms, confirming the paperwork, and finishing the necessary formalities. If done correctly, purchasing land in Chennai may be a fulfilling and successful endeavor. You can make an informed and prudent choice and steer clear of typical hazards by paying attention to the above-mentioned criteria. Happy land hunting!


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